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Becky Stewart


From: Southeast Arizona

Services: Haircuts, Color, Styles, Wedding & Special Occasion Hair, Blow Dry's

When and why you became a stylist: 1986. It came naturally and I knew it could be a real job.

Why you came to Redlands: The Rock Church and World Outreach's small family community, where God and children are important to the people here.

Continued education: Cutting classes with Laurant DeForg, Sam Burns, and DiPietro Todd Academy, numerous advanced color classes with Matrix, Reddken, Framesi, Paul Mitchell, Lanza, Biolage, Brazilian Blowout, Rene Furterer and Prive Updo's.

Favorite part of being a stylist: I work for myself! Hours can be more flexible and that helps me take care of my children.

Fun fact about Level 10: It is a bright and sunny environment with eager stylists that are educated and ready to educate clients on the latest techniques and styles.

Things they do outside of work: Loma Linda Lopers, hang out with my friends and going to the Beach / L.A. area.

Favorite quote / inspiration: "Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda

Bucket list: Europeacn vacation just like National Lampoon's

About your family: My husband is a jack of many trades. My son is an excellent skateboarder. My daughter is talented in the arts and has a great singing voice.


From: Redlands

Services: Specializing in cuts and colors

When and why you became a stylist: I started cosmetology school in 1989 because I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Continued education: I LOVE furthering my education by attending hair classes it is the best part of this industry.

Favorite part of being a stylist: I never get bored with my job because styles always change!

Fun fact about Level 10: “Level 10” actually means lightest blond in hairdresser lingo.

Things you do outside of work: Outside of work i enjoy running w my friends and making B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) for my dogs.

Favorite quote / inspiration: “Whatever you are willing to put up with is exactly what you will have”

Bucket list: To have a successful dog rescue

About your family: I have the best, most supporting, loving husband with the biggest heart and he can always make me laugh, a beautiful, smart, goofball of a sister that always has my back, a handful of close friends who I can always be myself around, and an enormous fleet of angels and dogs always around me. My Level 10 family has evolved to be more than I ever dreamed! I get endless inspiration from incredibly talented and motivated stylists, everyday! Our own in house creative director, Chief Behr has definitely brought our salon to the next Level!

Final Thoughts: Life is good!

Rita Garcia


From: La Puente, California

Services: Color Correction, Colorist, Brazilian Blowout, Haircuts.

When and why you became a stylist: 2006. I always loved coloring and styling my own hair and decided that I wanted to become a stylist based on that love.

Why you came to Redlands: Its a great city to raise a family. I have been a stylist here in Redlands California since 2006.

Continued education: Brazilian Blowout certified. Nick Arrojo 3 day color and cut inspiration classes.

Favorite part of being a stylist: I love transforming hair. I love when I have a client and they are not feeling their best and I can do an amazing cut and color that puts them back in a great mood.

Fun fact about Level 10: Level 10 is an amazing group of talented people. We are a team that cares about our clients and especially their hair.

Things you do outside of work: I enjoy running and spending time with my family. When I am not working I am on the soccer field cheering for my daughter.

Sophie Noel


From: Ft. Worth, Texas

Services: Cutting, styling, color, wedding day styling, make up & waxing.

When and why you became a stylist: 30 years ago After I graduated from high school, I went right into beauty school. Being a hair stylist in this industry is all I have been interested in.

Why you came to Redlands: We moved here from Santa Barbara about 25 years ago. Our son was racing Motocross and most of the practice tracks were located near this area. He is not racing anymore, but the move has been good for all three of us.

Continued education: Long time working relationship with Rene Furterer, A day with Mirasol, Cutting classes from Oscar Bond, Brazilian Blowout class, Lanza Up Do Class & product classes, Capeliscope classes with Rene Furterer, Hollywood style class with Mirasol from Rene Futerer, Glo Minerals make up and skin care classes, DePetreo Todd class with Rene Furterer and product knowledge class and color class with Davines.

Favorite part of being a stylist: Every person is unique with a different personality and needs. I have the opportunity to make a difference with a new cut, color or style. It is a very fulfilling experience for me and returning clients are always a pleasure.

Fun fact about Level 10: We are a group of professional stylist working together and independently to give our clients our full attention for the time they spend with us. We are current in our styling, coloring, cutting and our education. We also have a very high end selection of styling products to offer our clients.

Things you do outside of work:Getting ideas from Pinterest for decorating and rearranging my home. I love interior design. Cooking, being with and enjoying my family.

Favorite quote / inspiration: There is a scripture that speaks about removing the plank from your own eye before you take the speck out of your brother’s eye meaning don’t judge or gossip. And don’t be a blame shifter – own your mistakes.

Bucket list: Get to France one more time. Travel with my family in our RV.

About your family: I love my family, each one of them is important to me. Especially my grandkids, we try to make family gatherings fun times.

Monique Ruiz

Monique Ruiz

Monique’s passion for skin care started 15 years ago as a makeup artist behind the Estee Lauder counter. Many women would come in and want a product that would cover what ever skin concern they had acne, dark circles, or pigmentation. Monique wanted to treat skin not cover it up with makeup and so began her career as an esthetician. Since 2005 Monique has been a licensed esthetician working under the supervision of physicians gaining much knowledge and hands on training a long the way. Monique is formally trained with many professional skincare lines and the latest aesthetic technology . She has assessed and addressed many different skin types and conditions and finds it both challenging and rewarding. Monique has helped her client’s achieve healthy beautiful skin. Monique’s passion and concern for healthy skin shows through her work and educating her clients in the treatment room, she’s committed to her clients and feels everyone deserves healthy beautiful skin. As a working mother of two small children she knows and appreciates how difficult it is to take time out for your self. Monique is sincere and has your best interest in mind at all times, she takes your specific circumstances and concerns in consideration at all times.

Today Monique continues her education in aesthetics and keeps up with the trends and innovation in her field. She is dedicated and here to get you started on your way to achieving the best skin of your life!


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