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There's A Fungus Among Us!



What? Is it true?

Really....There is!

But, don't worry...it's not contagious!

How could this be happening?

It's because of the newest craze in hair cleansing called Co-cleansing or Co-washing.

Co-cleansing is when you use conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of shampoo.

Now, the idea of using a product other than shampoo to wash your hair may sound strange, but a lot of people are doing it. You may be asking ....Why? What are the benefits and more importantly, what are the disadvantages of Co-cleansing?

We may not need to wash our hair quite as often as we do. Sometimes, we can overdo it. Washing too often can dry out your hair and scalp leaving you with less than lovely locks, but never washing is just as bad! as a matter of fact... That's just nasty! Now, some of us have taken this concept of over cleansing or never cleansing our hair to a whole new level! I'm not saying that you should go weeks without washing your hair and scalp, but it's ok to give your hair and scalp a break one in a while ...But, using only conditioner to cleanse the hair and scalp can cause the oil that our bodies naturally produce to build up. Even though we need some of those oils to protect our hair and scalp from the elements and dryness, too much is just not good! If you allow the oils to build up for weeks or months or longer you might actually end up with a whole host of issues that you probably weren't counting on. Some of which are, clogged pores, itchy scalp, hair loss and .... You guessed it ...scalp FUNGUS!

How do we achieve the perfect balance......?

Only you can decide how often to cleanse, it's a personal preference.

But, there are ways that you can cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping them of the natural oils that keep your hair soft, shiny and supple.

First, don't over cleanse.... Maybe you like to wash your hair everyday, and if you exercise, maybe twice a day. Washing your hair too frequently isn't a great idea either. You want to keep some of those beneficial oils. Instead of cleansing too much, try a clarifying rinse like Rene Furterer's Fioravanti Clarify and Shine Rinse. This product is a great smelling vinegar rinse that clarifies your scalp and hair without stripping it of those oils that your hair and scalp needs to look and feel great! Fioravanti leaves your scalp feeling clean and fresh, and your hair looking shiny and beautiful. Fioravanti can be used in place of your shampoo routine when you want to freshen up your hair without going through the cleansing and conditioning ritual and since it clarifies your hair and scalp you won't have to worry about the dreaded "Fungus Among Us"!

Secondly, when you do wash your hair, use sulfate free hair products that won't strip your hair of the natural oils that help protect it. That way your hair will be clean and healthy and fungus free!

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