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Looking forward to that new trendy hairstyle that has been plastered all over the newest magazine covers? Have you spent countless hours clipping pictures of hairstyles and colors and digging through the Internet gathering up endless examples of how you want to look after your appointment only to be disappointed? I think we've all been there.... The excitement of stepping out of your old look and jumping headlong into a new one only to come away from a your appointment looking more "run of the mill" than "runway"! Have your dreams of being transformed turned into a beauty nightmare because your stylist didn't listen to your wants and needs?

If you've encountered a hairdresser that doesn't listen, you may want to consider finding a new one. The best stylists take the time talk with you about what your expectations are regarding your hair care goals. Consultations are extremely important at every appointment, but they are critical when you are interested in changing your current look. Your stylist should not only look at any pictures you have, but they should also listen carefully to what you expect your new hairstyle to be like. Your stylist should also inquire about the time and effort you intend to spend on daily and future maintenance of your new style as well as answer any questions that you may have. Just remember to keep in mind that you stylist is a hair professional ... Not a magician......so, remember to stay realistic? There are many different hair types and styles and your stylist can help you determine which styles will work best for you.Don't be afraid to speak up ...your stylist should listen to you and guide you to the best color, cut and style for you. In the end, if your stylist is reluctant to listen to your wants and needs and guide you through the transition to a new look.., then maybe it's time to change more than your look!

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