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Do You Balayage? Get the perfect fresh sun kissed look.



It so hot, and all the cool kids are doing it!

Sound like some new dance craze?

Well, it's not!

Balayage has been around since the 70's!

Balayage, which means "sweep" in French, is a hair highlighting technique that gives natural, sun kissed highlights to your hair. Unlike the traditional method of using foils to highlight, which gives the hair panels of color, Balayage can can be applied to smaller sections of hair giving your stylist more control over highlight size and placement. This technique can be applied by your stylist in one of two ways. With the first method, the stylist applies the color using a board that the hair is placed on and then the the color is brushed, or "swept" on to the hair. The second method involves a little more artistic flair as the color is painted on free hand and allows your stylist to control the exact placement of each highlight giving you a look that is truly tailored to your hair. Another benefit of this method of highlighting is that you won't end up with those tell tale roots or grow out that leave you feeling less than stylish! That means you may be able to go longer in between color services without looking like it. Believe me, we all know what it's like when your color has grown out, it's no good! Balayage grows out in a much more natural fashion, just the way it does after a long summer spent at the beach.

Although Balayage can be used on any hair type or length, it is best suited to longer hair styles. This method really accentuates the natural beauty of beach waves and flowing curly hair.

So, if you want to get that fresh sun kissed look, just ask your stylist for Balayage highlights!

After all....Don't you want to be like the cool kids with the hot look?

Then, you need to "Balayage"!

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