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Blondes have more fun, learn how to get that awesome color without the damage!



"Blondes have more fun!" So the saying goes.... If you've ever spent hours in the the salon chair having your hair lightened to get that perfect shade of blonde, you know, it's not that fun. The chemical damage and breakage that often comes along with it can leave your hair dry, brittle and lifeless, and no one wants that.

Looking for a solution?

Look no further!

We are excited to introduce to you a revolutionary new product that protects your hair from the chemical treatments that can compromise the integrity of your hair. Whether you are lightening your hair color several shades, or just sprucing up your blonde locks, this product is just what you've been searching for!


Before you start thinking...This is too good to be true! Let me assure you, it's true. You can now lighten your hair color several shades with little or no damage to the hair!

Drum roll please!


Scientist have created this revolutionary new product that can set you free from the fear of damaged hair.

Here's. How it works:

OLAPLEX is a three step process that helps prevent, mend and repair the damage that can occur with chemical services. Not only does it prevent the hair bonds from being broken down, It actually multiplies these bonds making your hair stronger and less likely to suffer breakage that can occur with chemical processes. The first step, the Bond Multiplier, is added directly to the lightener or color and buffers the hair from chemical damage and reduces the harshness of chemical fumes. The second step, the Bond Perfecter, is applied after the chemical service is complete. This step links broken hair bonds which virtually eliminates breakage, making your hair stronger and healthier. Step three, the Hair Perfector, is a take home treatment that is used once a week and further strengthens chemically processed hair and helps your color stay vibrant longer. This last step can also be used as a pre-treatment for future chemical services.

This revolutionary product can not only be used when lightening or coloring hair, but it is equally effective when used with other treatments such as Brazilian blowouts or perms.

We put our hair through a lot! Straightening, perming, coloring, bleaching and harsh chemicals. So, why not give a treat and ask your stylist about OLAPLEX today and put the "fun" back in the blonde!




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