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Behind the scenes of arm waxing.



Today waxing seems to be a very popular thing, especially during the summer months. I personally enjoy waxing because i find that it makes life easier. I had never really thought about waxing my arms or even shaving for that matter. Many years ago i decided to go ahead and shave my arms and I am so glad I did. I love the feeling of being 100% smooth, however it gets old having to shave all the time, so i decided to give waxing a whirl.

The reason this article was named "behind the scenes of arm waxing" was because I was a client used for a demonstration to train another esthetician. So essentially I got to hear all the real talk about all the rights and wrongs on how to properly wax arms. There is far more to waxing arms than I would have ever imagined. Therefore I would suggest going to get it done professionally but for you stubborn people out there who are thinking about doing it at home I would suggest watching a few tutorials first. I thought oh I can just do this at home, spread it on and rip it off easy and done. Well it's not that simple.

Waxing is a multi-step process, no matter what part of the body is being done. They will start by cleansing your arms with some kind of dry oil, followed by a powder to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin and simply sticking to the hair. She explained that you should work from the upper arm down. Also to always use pressure when applying the wax in the direction desired so it spreads on thin and efficiently. Next you will want to apply the cloth strip in the direction of the hair growth to get the cleanest results. The tricks with the strips is to use pressure, rather than friction to get the wax to stick to the strip. Every movement and area being waxed is done in a specialized way based on how hair your hair grows. Since everyone has different hair growth patterns, it will be different for every client. They did strips on my bicep area in straight up and down motion, a circle around the elbow, diagonal and straight on the forearm and lastly a triangle motion around the wrist and hand. After the waxing is done, they will massage the arms with a soothing lotion or ingrown hair serum with anti bacterial properties to receive the optimal results.

I found arm waxing easy and painless. It is extremely smooth but it is something that needs to be maintained regularly.

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