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Weddings 101

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Past brides know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be. Weddings 101 held at our salon was filled with seasoned professionals ready to steer you on the right track when planning your wedding. There was tons of information, tasty treats and killer raffle prizes!!!                                                                                      DJ Mike Medina pointed out the importance of hiring a DJ that can speak well while introducing you to your guests. He continued to point out that the DJ's job is transitioning your event from things like cake cutting to garter toss without skipping a beat (no pun intended). This is a skill that takes an intuitiveness that not all DJ's have. Mike however, has an innate ability to keep your wedding going smooth with sounds that keep the celebration flawless! Photographer Maggie Smith answers the biggest question, "when should I book my photographer?" with a resounding NOW! Why? Because if you don't, you risk the chance of your favorite photographer booking with another bride on your wedding day. The ladies at The Rosy Bouquet discussed balancing your wants with your budget. Other vendors included Beloved Couture BridalMon Ami TravelDiMadeline & Co. event planning, Cake It Up BoutiqueAlfaro Catering Service, and One Hope, a wine tasting service that raises money for charity. Martha Green's Dough'Lectibles provided yummy lemon bars and chocolate dipped macaroons. It was a fun and educational event!                                                                          

Here at Level 10 Salon & Spa we provide our brides with all the tools to look gorgeous on their wedding day. Services range from getting your skin in shape pre-wedding with microdermbrasion to hair extentions and updos.

Behind the scenes of arm waxing.

Today waxing seems to be a very popular thing, especially during the summer months. I personally enjoy waxing because i find that it makes life easier. I had never really thought about waxing my arms or even shaving for that matter. Many years ago i decided to go ahead and shave my arms and I [...]

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No... Really... I wanted it like this!

Why is it so hard to find a good colorist? With all the different shades of hair color available it is possible to literally choose any color of the rainbow. Whether it's blonde, brown, black, red or even purple, it's essential that your hairdresser knows a thing or two about color. Did you know...the art of hair coloring is not [...]

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There's A Fungus Among Us!

What? Is it true? Really....There is! But, don't worry...it's not contagious! How could this be happening? It's because of the newest craze in hair cleansing called Co-cleansing or Co-washing. Co-cleansing is when you use conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of shampoo. Now, the idea of using a product other than shampoo to wash your hair may sound strange, [...]

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Hello.....Can You Hear Me Now?

Looking forward to that new trendy hairstyle that has been plastered all over the newest magazine covers? Have you spent countless hours clipping pictures of hairstyles and colors and digging through the Internet gathering up endless examples of how you want to look after your appointment only to be disappointed? I think we've all [...]

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We are Broken Up!! I repeat...Broken Up!

If you have ever had to look for a new hair stylist you know how unnerving it can be! Afterall, you can't trust your precious locks to just anyone! Whether you have moved, or just moved on, it important to put time and effort into making sure that your new stylist meets all your hair care needs. There are a [...]

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Do You Balayage? Get the perfect fresh sun kissed look.

It so hot, and all the cool kids are doing it! Sound like some new dance craze?Well, it's not!Balayage has been around since the 70's! Balayage, which means "sweep" in French, is a hair highlighting technique that gives natural, sun kissed highlights to your hair. Unlike the traditional method of using foils to highlight, [...]

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Blondes have more fun, learn how to get that awesome color without the damage!

"Blondes have more fun!" So the saying goes.... If you've ever spent hours in the the salon chair having your hair lightened to get that perfect shade of blonde, you know, it's not that fun. The chemical damage and breakage that often comes along with it can leave your hair dry, brittle and lifeless, and [...]

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Blow Dryers are our Friends

So many styling tools. So many choices. So many options. Feel overwhelmed by ceramic, ionic, turbo, tourmaline super charged power shot blow dryer options? Well let your Level 10 stylist aid you in your decision making. Proper styling tools do make a large difference in the longevity of your style, and overall integrity of your hair. Blow dry bars have been popping [...]

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Do the Best you can

"Do the best you can, until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." -Maya Angelou Doing the best and being the best in anything we accomplish (within our grasp each day) are two TOTALLY different and separate actions. Doing: (Verb) To perform, to render, to execute, to be the cause of, good or bad. Being: (Noun) Fact of existing, [...]

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